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10 of the Hardest Trophies and Achievements You’ll Never Own


10 of the Hardest Trophies and Achievements You’ll Never Own

The things we do for 10 Gamerscore.

Olli Olli, achievements

There are very few things in gaming as rewarding as Trophies or achievements. While they are completely superficial at first glance, these rewards can help showcase your skill to the gaming community. They act as a nice way to show the world just how skilled of a player you are as many Trophies/achievements are only unlocked after completing a certain challenge. That’s not to say there aren’t easy ones out there, but most of these rewards are meant to be of moderate difficulty.

However, once in a while an achievement comes along that is nothing short of utterly frustrating. For whatever reason, some developers put some insane stipulations in order to actually acquire that precious Gamerscore. When looking over the massive list of Trophies and achievements, we are ranking them based off of the sheer difficulty factor alone. Certain achievements/Trophies are borderline impossible to complete for one reason or another, but we are not including glitched achievements. This list is also in no particular order since all of these achievement/Trophies are equally insane. If you are an owner of any of these we have to tip our hat to you and your dedication to the achievement/ Trophy cause.

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