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Umbrella Corps’ PC Playerbase Is Already Non-Existent

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Umbrella Corps’ PC Playerbase Is Already Non-Existent

Capcom has promised free DLC updates for Umbrella Corps, but will there even be anyone to enjoy it?

It may have launched only this Tuesday, but the latest title in the Resident Evil franchise, Umbrella Corps, already suffers from a severely low player count in its online servers on PC, at least if the statistics from Steam are anything to go by.

According to SteamCharts, a site which continually analyses player numbers on the digital distribution platform, the multiplayer shooter game reached an all-time peak of just 428 players on Steam since it’s release this week.

In fact, as of the time of writing, a mere 116 people are currently playing Umbrella Corps on Steam.

Now, the undisclosed numbers on consoles might be a little more optimistic for all we know, but this still represents an incredibly poor start for a multiplayer-centric game, though likely tied to the fact that Umbrella Corps really isn’t very good.

In our review, Twinfinite gave Umbrella Corps a rating of 2.5.5, in which we criticized the game for its “inconsistent frame rate, awkward animations [and] sticky cover mechanics”.

Customer reviews on Steam fare little better, with 364 negative reviews featured on the game’s store page.


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