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Top 5 Best JRPGs at E3 2016


Top 5 Best JRPGs at E3 2016

Role-playing games!

5. I Am Setsuna

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Here’s a pretty low-key JRPG we saw at E3 this year. I Am Setsuna features classic turn-based RPG combat, and your character gets to equip various magic items to enhance his attacks and hit enemies in a wide arc. It essentially combines the Active Time Battle system from older Final Fantasy games with modern updated graphics which look really slick on the PS4.

I only got to play through the prologue in the demo I checked out, and players will take control of a bounty hunter who kills monsters for a quick buck. He soon meets an old man on his way, and assists him in rescuing a young girl from a deadly monster. After the job is done, the man gives him one more job: find a young girl named Setsuna, and kill her.

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