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Top 5 Easiest May PlayStation Trophies and Platinums


Top 5 Easiest May PlayStation Trophies and Platinums

Time to rack up some more easy trophies.

Tropico 5

tropico 5

Tropico 5 lets players build their own nation and run it as they see fit. Do you want to build a peaceful country and try to serve your people, or would you rather rule with an iron fist, scaring away anyone who would dare cross your borders? The choice is yours. But, since you’re going to be building a world anyway, why not get something out of the deal for yourself? Namely, trophies.

While Tropico may seem intimidating, it’s actually not too difficult to obtain a lot of trophies for yourself as you play. The Tutorials provide an easy one, while the campaign lets you earn a majority of the other trophies naturally. Also, since there are no missable trophies, you never have to worry about having to restart the entire game to grab something you’ve missed.

The only hurdle you may encounter are the six Bronze multiplayer trophies.

  • Good Sportsmanship
  • Project Beale
  • It Prints Money
  • Architerissimo
  • Naughty Docks
  • What energy Crisis?

Luckily, you can get those with friends. So if you have someone willing to help out, these are a breeze.

Did we mention that most of these awards can be earned on easy with settings changed to your favor? Sounds like you have 45 easy ones to collect out there. 

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