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This Is What Overwatch Characters Look Like as Normal People


This Is What Overwatch Characters Look Like as Normal People

Still cooler than you.

Ever wonder what Overwatch characters would look like if they weren’t 100x cooler than you? Still way cooler than you.

Artist MonoriRogue has been creating a series of “Casual” Overwatch characters, showing us what our favorite heroes would be doing if they weren’t busy beating on each other constantly. Even as regular people, Mercy, Pharah, Zarya, D.Va, Mei, Tracer, and a genderbent Junkrat all manage to look super.

You can check out all of MonoriRogue’s casual heroes below, and her other works over at DeviantArt.

Overwatch Casual Mercy Overwatch Casual Pharah Overwatch Casual Zarya Overwatch Casual D.VA Overwatch Casual Mei Overwatch Casual Junkrat Overwatch Casual Tracer

In other news, Blizzard recently dropped the ban hammer on thousands of Overwatch players for cheating and may be balancing McCree and D.Va soon. In more positive news, the company announced that over 7 million players have joined the game, one of which has already managed to hit level 100.

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