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Overwatch’s McCree and D.Va Might Get Rebalanced Soon, says Blizzard


Overwatch’s McCree and D.Va Might Get Rebalanced Soon, says Blizzard

Looks like Blizzard is nerfing this.

Overwatch has been out for about a week now, and players are already discovering that certain characters may need some readjusting. Over on, via Eurogamer, it’s looking a lot like McCree and D.Va are the two primary characters Blizzard is looking at, and they might get rebalanced soon.

Overwatch players will be familiar with McCree’s Flashbang/Fan the hammer combo by now. McCree has an ability that allows him to stun players for a second, giving him enough time to unload the chamber of his gun on them. Characters with 200HP or less will usually not be able to survive that combo. Here’s what the game’s principal designer Geoff Goodman had to say about McCree:

“I’ve been watching McCree carefully since we’ve released. McCree’s flashbang plays an important role in being a strong option against very fast/agile teams (tracers/genjis/etc). It is also a nice tool to prevent close range devastating abilities and ultimates such as Reaper’s Death Blossom.

That said, it’s probably a bit too good at dealing damage to higher health targets such as Tanks and barriers. I don’t have any concrete changes yet, but I’m going to be testing some things internally to see how he plays.”

He also clarified that ‘it’ referred to McCree’s damage output, and not the Flashbang itself.

As for D.Va, she might actually get a buff.

“D.Va’s damage is definitely on the lower side, much like Winstons. They are this way for a similar reason: They are both very mobile and hard to kill. Every character in the game has strengths and weaknesses, its part of what makes the teamplay work well.

That said, I do think the is some room for some D.Va improvements, but these are unlikely to take the shape of increasing her damage output significantly.”

Of course, nothing is set in stone just yet, but it’s good to see Blizzard paying attention to all of its characters and are actually looking into making necessary adjustments to improve the game overall.

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