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5 Things Watch Dogs 2 Needs to be a Great Sequel


5 Things Watch Dogs 2 Needs to be a Great Sequel

It could be so amazing.

Fewer Guns

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Watch Dogs 2 needs fewer guns. The first Watch Dogs felt like its gigantic arsenal of machine guns, shotguns, RPGs, and submachine guns existed only to be like Grand Theft Auto, and actively worked against the stealth and hacking espionage the rest of the game excelled at. It was unnecessary and made little sense for the experience. Aiden Pearce was a low-profile anonymous hacker… who would occasionally pull a RPG out of his jacket pocket and blow up a few police cars. It was ridiculous.

Watch Dogs 2 would be better off downplaying guns in general, and focus more on being a stealth game. Infiltrating a compound in the first game while leaving no trace (physical or digital) was immensely satisfying, especially when Aiden’s hacking prowess meant he hardly had to take three steps into the place to do so.

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