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Uncharted 4: How to Solve the Crucifix Puzzle in Chapter 9


Uncharted 4: How to Solve the Crucifix Puzzle in Chapter 9

Uncharted 4 is known for its puzzles amid all of the parkour and shootouts. When you get to Chapter 9: Those Who Prove Worthy, Nate and his brother Sam will encounter a puzzle of the biblical variety. Remember how obsessed Avery is with St. Dismas? Well, then you might also remember that St. Dismas was on the left side, Jesus in the middle, and that other guy on the right. Good, keep that in mind.

This puzzle simply wants you to place the crosses underneath the spotlights, in the correct, historical order. Additionally, the bucket of water needs to be up top at the center spotlight in order for the mechanism to work. If you don’t get this right before having Nate try that trap, who knows how quick he’ll die. No pressure.

uncharted 4 crucifix puzzle chapter 9

The best tip would be to separate the crosses altogether in their separate quadrants, align Jesus (the biggest cross) in the middle as he will end up being, and then move Dismas (the white cross) to the left and the thief that doesn’t have a cool name (the black cross) to the right. If you’ve separated them, you’ll have less chances of getting frustrated with someone moving when they weren’t supposed to be. Meeting them all in the middle allows for a smooth move on the bottom-most circle to align them all perfectly with the spotlights. The bucket is the easy part, as it by default needs to be separated from the bunch all the way up top.

Congratulations! You’ve gotten through this puzzle. For help with more of Uncharted 4, check out our expanding wiki!

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