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Overwatch’s Plays of the Game Have Created an Endless Storm of Hilarity


Overwatch’s Plays of the Game Have Created an Endless Storm of Hilarity

Completely ridiculous.

At the end of every round of Overwatch, players are treated to the Play of the Game, where a player gets highlighted for their skill while epic music plays. Exactly how it’s determined seems to be left up to the hands of fate (sure, they’ve gone into how, but it all sounds like a complete load). But in any case, the PotG has quickly become a meme where people have taken to showing just how ridiculous these can be. Here are the some of the best (read: funniest) ones.

Just call him Highdianoon Jones.

Lethal Weapon 6 looks great.

Jeez Winston, chill out!

This isn’t a Play of the Game, but it honestly SHOULD be.

Dick move, old man. Dick. Move.

At least you know what Hanzo’s saying, right?

Guess this explains why the Ice Climbers weren’t in the last Smash Bros.

That’s the power of music for ya. It can defeat anything.

Such an adorable robot with a completely devastating ultimate.

Not every PoTG requires you to kill.

And they say that old people don’t contribute to society!

What’s your favorite Play of the Game that you’ve seen from Overwatch? Let us know in the comments below.

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