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Overwatch vs Doom: Which One Should You Buy?


Overwatch vs Doom: Which One Should You Buy?

Heroes vs Demons.

Overwatch vs Doom


May has been a good month when it comes to fun video game experiences. It may actually be the best month of 2016 thus far when you stop to look at it. While that is definitely an exciting thing to hear, it does mean that there are tough choices to be made. With so many great games releasing, it’s impossible for some fans to have them all.

Two of the big games released this month are action-packed first-person shooters, Overwatch and Doom. Both have powerful, futuristic weapons, as well as intense battles. They’re both well received, sitting on positive averages on Metacritic (Overwatch at 94 and Doom in the high eighties).

But critical reviews are just one element in a sea of factors. With both getting predominantly positive reviews, you may want to look at what else they bring to the table before making your decision. Let us help you with that. 

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