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Overwatch Tips: How to Play Junkrat


Overwatch Tips: How to Play Junkrat

He’s the Demoman!

Junkrat in Overwatch


If you’re looking for a good defense character to play as, Junkrat is a great starter choice. Most of his abilities are very defensive, but if you use them right, he can also be quite the lethal attacker. Junkrat has a Frag Launcher that fires grenades, making it a very useful weapon to keep enemies away from your team. He also has mines and traps at his disposal, which can be used to immobilize and hurt enemies. What’s cool about the mines, however, is that Junkrat can also use them to propel himself into the air, allowing him to make a quick escape if he gets swarmed. This comes is rather handy if you ever get caught in Mei’s Blizzard attack. If you find yourself trapped by the ice attack, simply set down a mine, detonate it, and you’ll fly into the air.

First off, Junkrat’s Frag Launcher might seem a bit unwieldy at a glance. However, the grenades that you fire can actually bounce off walls and the ground, and this allows you to hit enemies from around corners. If you position yourself right, you can even hit your foes while still staying out of their line of sight. If you’ve got Widowmaker on your team, her radar ability will let you see where all your enemies are, making it easier for you to hit them without even alerting them.

The Concussion Mines and Steel Traps are items that you can place around the map, potentially trapping your opponents, making them easy to kill. Of course, it’s best to hide your traps in hard-to-see areas so that your enemies won’t have the chance to disarm them before making their approach. When in the middle of a firefight, these traps might come in handy against Tracer. Since she can Blink around the map with high speed, chances are she’ll fall into some of these traps before even noticing they’re there. These traps won’t hurt your teammates, so you don’t have to worry about them accidentally triggering a Mine or Trap.

Junkrat also has a cool ultimate ability called Rip-Tire. When you activate it, you can control a tire and drive it towards the enemy team before detonating it, causing a lethal explosion. The tire has its own HP bar, so keep an eye on it to make sure the enemies don’t destroy it before you even have a chance to hit them. The tire can also run on walls, allowing you to hit the enemy team from dead angles they won’t expect. Just be sure to place Junkrat in a safe area before activating Rip-Tire; you’ll be completely vulnerable once the ultimate ability is triggered, and you can be attacked.

Lastly, Junkrat has a passive ability called Total Mayhem, and he’ll drop live grenades right when he dies. This will cause an explosion around your dead body, killing off any enemies who happen to be standing near you. While this likely won’t affect long range characters, you’ll still be able to pick off anyone silly enough to stand near you after taking you down.

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