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Overwatch: How to Play Reaper


Overwatch: How to Play Reaper

Death claims all.

Overwatch’s Reaper

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This dark bringer of death is one of Overwatch’s Offense heroes. Built to leave nothing but death in his wake, the Reaper is a solid choice for players who have an affinity for glass cannons. He isn’t completely without defensive capabilities, however, although keeping him alive will take quite a bit of skill.

What makes Reaper a standout hero among his Overwatch cohorts is his ability to completely mitigate damage and easily get out of tough situations. While he may take quite a bit of getting used to, this damage dealer is surprisingly good for those just getting used to Overwatch’s mechanics.

Using this particular hero is all about timing. He is slow and powerful, but he can’t get around the map as easily as most others without the help of his skills. That means if you want to control a map, you’ll have to plan out and time your movements. Being unable to run or jump very high puts you at a large disadvantage in open areas. Maintaining cover and keeping your eyes open for opportunities to close distances becomes a priority.

At first, this may seem like a heavy burden due to the frantic nature of Overwatch, but Reaper’s unique skillset will eventually shine for those who persevere. Balancing the use of your damage mitigation, and healing passive ability can see you overcome the quickest sharpshooters in the game.

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