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Overwatch: How to Play Pharah


Overwatch: How to Play Pharah

Pharah in Overwatch

overwatch pharah

“I will protect the innocent.”

Overwatch has a bunch of characters for you to try out and master. Have you been thinking of kicking butt as Pharah? Well, to start, Pharah is an offense-based character with a jetpack and rocket launcher. If you’re playing as her, you’ll want to focus on pushing the team forward by being right on top of the enemy and chasing down the objectives. You’re all about the offense, you’ll need to be first out in the lines.

You’ll want to take her jetpack abilities and use them to your advantage. She has the capacity (with Jump Jet) to fly high up over the battlefield. Now, not only is this useful for getting out of a tight situation, but is also great for unleashing your attacks. Fly up using Jump Jet, hover a bit using your hovering ability, and then unleash rockets down below. This is especially useful against, say, Reinhardt when he’s got a shield right up and is blocking all attacks in front of him. Just jump above or land behind and he won’t see it coming.

Also keep in mind that your Concussive Blast is great for crowd control. If there are too many enemies all packed together or maybe someone chasing you down, launch this and they’ll be blown right back. Especially useful near ledges.

Finally, keep in mind that while your Ultimate as Pharah is incredibly powerful, Overwatch is very fast-paced. You might think you’re in a good position using that Barrage up against a group of opponents shooting at you, but you can be killed in an instant right in the middle of the attack. You’ll need to make sure you’re safe before you active your ultimate. Try to get at least two enemies at once, it’s a big waste if you use it just against one enemy. And don’t shy from spraying the whole screen up, you can get wild with the aim while the rockets are flying out.

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