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Overwatch: How to Play as Genji


Overwatch: How to Play as Genji

A guide to playing Genji in Overwatch.

Genji in Overwatch

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Overwatch has plenty characters to choose, but who’s right for you? For players who want stealth, speed, and deadly precision, than Genji is the cyborg for you.

Genji is an offense-based character with a katana, shuriken, and the unique ability to climb terrain. Genji is great for close to long-range combat, perfect for flanking teams and picking off stragglers from any distance. Genji should win one-on-one battles, but struggles against groups of enemies.

To make the most of Genji’s strength and range, you must learn where and when to climb to ideal vantage points. Simply hold the jump button when facing the terrain and climb to the top. From here, use his shuriken to pick off targets.

Should an enemy be foolish enough to try and get close, lash out with your swift strike. If your attack happens to kill your enemy, the ability instantly becomes available for use again. But, sometimes your enemy will get the jump on you when you’re hurting. Use the swift strike to dash away from an enemy, and look for health.

So you manage to escape, only to find yourself face-to-face with a Roadhog who’s just whipped out his super. Normally, that’d mean instant death for you, but with Genji’s deflect, you can send each and every one of those attacks back at your attacker, turning this into a reverse surprise attack.

Finally, there’s Genji’s super, Dragonblade. This attack grants Genji’s brief access to his katana killing anything it lands a hit against. This move is perfect for taking out large groups holed up in a defensive position, or for taking control of the objective.

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