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Overwatch: Advanced Tips and Tricks


Overwatch: Advanced Tips and Tricks

Be the best hero ever.


Micromanage Your Ability Usage

As you already know, each character in Overwatch comes equipped with a kit, or set of abilities that make up what kind of character they are. Using an ability will place it on a cooldown. At first, each of these abilities seem like a shiny new toy that you can’t wait to play with every moment possible and while that’s fun at first, it can also be incredibly dangerous. Many of these abilities are given to their respective characters for a specific purpose and you want to maximize the value you get out of each and every one. For example, putting up a tank’s damage shield may not be as effective against one opponent and it may be wise to wait for multiple opponents to appear before activating it. This way your shield will absorb more damage and won’t time out when the rest of the enemy team shows up, leaving you defenseless.

In a similar vein, it is often important to save abilities for circumstances you hadn’t accounted for. The video above shows a Genji meleeing his way through the enemy team only to be pinned by Reinhardt and taken off map. However, because he had Swift Strike, Genji was able to use it to get back onto the map, thus rendering Reinhardt’s skill a complete waste. Moral of the story? Don’t spam your abilities. Pick and choose the right time to use them so as to gain an upper hand against the enemy team.

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