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You Can Grab the New Doom for $45

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You Can Grab the New Doom for $45

Use this special code for $15 off.

Doom released today, and if you’re looking for some discounted demon-slaying action, you can already grab the game for $45 using a special promo code at Newegg.

After adding Doom for PC, PS4, or Xbox One to your cart, you’ll be able to enter the code “EMCEJFH69” in checkout to receive $15 off the normally $60 purchase. Expedited or free shipping is available, though the latter will take 4-7 business days. Keep in mind you can only use the code once, and on only one copy of the game. It’s also unclear how long this offer will last.

If you do pick up Doom, keep an eye out for one of the many easter eggs, which so far include subtle Sean Bean and Fallout references. For more, check out the Doom-themed car racing at this year’s Indianapolis 500, the full trophy/achievement list, or the brutal launch trailer full of chainsaws and gore.

Let us know if you’ll be grabbing the game in the comments below!

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