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Sean Bean Even Dies in Doom in This Easter Egg

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Sean Bean Even Dies in Doom in This Easter Egg

But he doesn’t even go here!

Everyone knows that Sean Bean can’t escape the cold specter of death. In nearly every movie he’s been in, the actor has been shot in the head, shot with arrows, beheaded, or worse. It’s one of the oldest memes in the book, and one that will be around for a long time.

In his recent films such as Jupiter Ascending and The Martian, he’s managed to break his streak and stay alive. But Doom isn’t willing to let that become a thing, which is why they killed him off, even though he’s not even in Doom. That’s a brand new level of skill.

Sure, a ton of other innocent people died as well, but who cares about them? Sean Bean was just minding his own business in the real world and got unfairly torn to shreds by demons in this game. What did Sean Bean ever do to you, Bethesda and id? Let him live! He doesn’t even go here!

Unfair Sean Bean murder aside, how are you liking the new Doom? Let us know in the comments below.

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