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Battleborn: How to Use Loadout Items


Battleborn: How to Use Loadout Items

Battleborn has 25 unique characters for players to choose from, each with their own particular weapons and skill sets. That means you can’t alter their arsenal in any way, but it doesn’t mean that Gearbox did away with loadouts altogether. You can choose a loadout for when you play, it just works a bit differently in Battleborn.

As you play through the various modes in Battleborn you will earn Gear and Packs. Packs are just bundles of multiple pieces of Gear, and that Gear is used to create loadouts. Players are able to choose any three pieces of Gear that they own in order to create their set of tools to use in battle.

In order to create these loadouts, you must enter the Command window from the main menu. When in there hit R1/RB to enter the Gear menu and then set your loadout up. You can browse through your packs and obtained gear, or even purchase more Packs.

Now that you’re loadout is set up, head into the game. You’ll find tons of shards scattered around the levels that before you only used to build drones. Now when you pick them up, hit left on your d-pad to bring up your loadout menu and activate the piece of Gear you want to use.

Keep in mind that prices are determined by the rarity of the Gear item. So something that’s gray will be much cheaper than something that is purple. Always consider that when picking your three items.

You can only create one loadout at the start of the game but you can either pay credits or level up your Command Rank to earn more. So make your choices count.

If you need any other help with Battleborn, check out our wiki!

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