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Battleborn: How to Unlock Toby

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Battleborn: How to Unlock Toby

Battleborn has an array of unique characters for you to pick and choose from. Toby is the absolute cutest one. This little penguin might be adorable, but don’t let him fool you. He’s built himself a giant, mechanical death machine.

“Despite his talent for engineering, Toby was rejected as a potential Peacekeeper conscript due to his adorable and diminuitive form. Toby then offered his genius to the Rogues, where he can pour his anxious, self-loathing energy into the construction of walking death machines.”


  • Arc Mine – Launches an Arc Mine, which arms after a brief delay, dealing 60 area damage per second for 8 seconds. Afterwards, Arc Mine will explode for 90 damage.
  • Force Field – Deploys an energy field that blocks 750 enemy damage. Firing a Railgun shot through the field increases projectile velocity.
  • Core Discharge – Transform your mech to charge up a powerful laser that deals 120 damage a second for 6 seconds.
  • Boosters – Double-jumping while holding a direction grants Toby a quick boost in that direction. Boosters hold a total of 3 charges that recharge after 8 seconds.
  • UPR H8-MS Custom Railgun – Toby’s powerful Railgun can be charged, dealing increased damage at higher charge levels.
  • Me ‘N My Mech – Clad in his battle mech “Berg”, the adorable-yet-fearsome Toby’s considerable engineering talent provides for on-the-fly modification to respond to a variety of battlefield conditions

How to Unlock Toby in Battleborn

In order to get Toby, you’ll need to either reach Command Rank 24 or win five matches as a Rogue character.

For help with more character unlocks, check out our in-depth guide! If you need any other help with Battleborn, check out our wiki!

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