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Battleborn: How to Use and Unlock Taunts


Battleborn: How to Use and Unlock Taunts

If you want to make your enemies in Battleborn salty, you’re in luck. You’re able to perform numerous taunts with any of the different characters in the game. Simply hit right on the d-pad and you’ll start your unique taunt. However, keep in mind that you won’t be able to do anything until the taunt is finished, and this might lead to you getting shot up if you’re not careful. You’re able to unlock new ones for each character in Battleborn, as well.

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  • Walk Not Unlike An Egyptian – Available from the beginning.
  • Solar Guard – Character Rank 15
  • Off With Their Heads – Deal 60,000 damage with Extinction Event (Lore Challenge “I Command The Very Stars”)



  • Battlecry – Available from the beginning.
  • Ground Pounder – Character Rank 15
  • Crusher – Knock up three enemies simultaneously 25 times (Lore Challenge “Rise of the Thrall”)

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  • The Dance, I – Available from the beginning.
  • Regurgirocket – Character Rank 15
  • The Dance, II – Get 100 kills with Boomsday (Lore Challenge “The Bird’s Last Word”)

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