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Battleborn: How to Open Loot Packs


Battleborn: How to Open Loot Packs

While playing through Battleborn, you can land some snazzy Loot Packs by chance after winning or after buying them yourself from the marketplace with some coins you’ve saved up. This is how you’ll get pieces of gear for your collection, check out our guide on those over here!

Here’s how you’ll get to open your shiny new loot pack. From the main menu, head over to the Command menu. Once there, tab over to the Gear section by pressing either R1 or RB. Then, within this window, hit the right trigger to switch the view to Packs. You’ll find your loot packs here. Hover over the one you want to open and select it with X or A. After your gear is revealed, you can either transfer it over to your Gear Bank or sell it for some coins. Continue doing the same thing with any remaining loot packs you may have.

Congratulations, you’re well on your way to get a ton of gear! If you need any other help with Battleborn, check out our wiki!

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