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Battleborn: How to Fly as Benedict

battleborn benedict

Battleborn: How to Fly as Benedict

Battleborn has plenty of characters to choose from. From a swordswoman with telekinesis to a penguin in a mechsuit, there is no shortage of variety. However, not many offer the amount of mobility that Benedict brings to the table. This avian warrior knows how to get above the competition, and that’s easily one of his strongest traits.

Now, although he has wings, Benedict can’t exactly fly. He can, however, glide over large distances, allowing him to move between control points with ease. To fly with Benedict, you’ll have to activate his Flyboy passive ability. Simply double-jump, but hold on to the button (“X” on PlayStation 4, “A” on Xbox One) after the second jump. This will switch Benedict into a glide where he can soar over danger or just for fun.

There is one other ability in his repertoire that allows him to touch the sky. Benedict’s second skill, Liftoff, launches him high into the air to either rain down death or get out of a tricky situation. Press R1/RB on your gamepad to use this when surrounded or if you need to reach a particularly high ledge.

While neither is legitimately flying, it’s a lot more than what any of the other Battleborn have to offer. Use those wings to get over those who would hurt you and seize victory.

If you need any other help with Battleborn, check out our wiki!

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