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Battleborn: How to Augment and Level Up Your Abilities

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Battleborn: How to Augment and Level Up Your Abilities

Battleborn allows you to level up your characters abilities during the game in order to unleash more power on your foes. This is all done through Helix and can be “Augmented” in tiers. Each time you level up, which is done by killing enemies and taking objectives, you’ll have the ability to augment your character.

Once you’ve gained a level, hold up on the d-pad, following the instruction on the bottom, middle of your screen. This will open up the Helix menu, which you can view at any time but becomes especially important once you’ve leveled up. Here you will see two different augments you can do. Read the description of both and decide which one fits your playstyle best. Once you’ve figured that out, choose it! Hit either the left or right trigger to pick and you’ll have augmented your character and leveled up an ability. This can range from either increasing health, changing your speed, adding an effect to an attack, or an array of other things. It does exactly as you’d expect it to to: augments your abilities and makes you more of a badass.

Now that you know how to augment, be sure to keep note of which choices each level work better for you and how you play Battleborn. Good luck! If you need any other help with Battleborn, check out our wiki!

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