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Stardew Valley: How to Make Seeds


Stardew Valley: How to Make Seeds

Crafting Seeds in Stardew Valley

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Stardew Valley has a large number of crops that you can plant each season. Before they become thriving fruits, vegetables, or flowers, though, they’ll be seeds. Now, you could of course buy these seeds each season from Pierre’s Shop, but there are also ways to make them.

Once you’ve reached certain levels in the Foraging skill, you’ll be able to craft Wild Seeds for certain seasons. These include 10 random seeds for plants from whatever season you craft.

  • Spring Seeds – Foraging Level 1
  • Summer Seeds – Foraging Level 4
  • Fall Seeds – Foraging Level 6
  • Winter Seeds – Foraging Level 7

Once you’ve gotten the recipe after reaching the appropriate level, you can go into the crafting menu and make the seed bundles to plant them about.

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