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Hyper Light Drifter: How to Learn New Attacks

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Hyper Light Drifter: How to Learn New Attacks

Stabby stabby!

In order to survive against the challenging enemies in Hyper Light Drifter, you’re going to have to increase your attacking abilities. While extra guns and an improved dash will definitely help, you’re also gonna need to learn some new attacks for your sword.

Learning these new attacks doesn’t come cheap, though. In order to learn them, you’ll need to make sure to pick up Gear bits while you play through Hyper Light Drifter. When you find four Gear bits these come together to make a Gear bit pack which can then be exchanged for upgrades for your character.

To learn these new attacks, you’ll need to make your way to the central hub area that looks like a village. Here, you’ll find a diamond-shaped platform on the floor, pointing to the four different worlds you must explore in order to complete the game. Standing at this platform, simply head North and you should spot a building that you can enter with a sword symbol on it. Head in here and you’ll find a dojo-looking building.

Hyper Light Drifter, guide, how to, get, weapon, upgrades, sword, attacks

Head over to the tall human character holding the sword. You can speak to him with the ‘Y’ button. There are three new attacks for you to learn with your sword. There’s a circular sweeping slash that would help you get out of tricky situations where you’re getting crowded with enemies, a parry that deflects incoming projectiles back towards the thrower, and a strike that lunges forward towards the enemy, with the potential to take out multiple enemies at once.

All of these upgrades are available for three Gear bit packs each. Simply select the new upgrade that you think might come in handy, hold down the ‘A’ button, and wave farewell to your Gear bit packs.

You’ll now have some slick new moves with your weapon of choice. Now go get slicing some monsters!

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