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Dark Souls III: How to Get to Untended Graves


Dark Souls III: How to Get to Untended Graves

More graves to explore.

The Untended Graves is an optional area in Dark Souls III, and it’s also a place where you can get some sweet loot and armor sets. First, you need to have defeated the Dancer of the Boreal Valley and gained access to Lothric Castle. From the Dancer bonfire, head up the ladder, and proceed to your immediate left. Get onto the elevator behind the knight, and it’ll take you to the lower area.

Here,  you can either kill the snake/tentacle-head enemies with Firebombs or run past them until you reach a small clearing with three knights. Past the knights is a flight of stairs. Descend and face Oceiros, the Consumed King. After defeating him, simply follow the linear path down where you’ll face enemies with bandaged bird heads. You’ll then come to a room with a dead end, and a chest at the end. There’s an illusory wall behind the chest, so roll into it and you’ll discover a whole new area.

Take a short drop down, and you’ll find the first bonfire of the Untended Graves optional area.

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