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Blizzard’s 10 Most Drool-Worthy Opening Cinematics


Blizzard’s 10 Most Drool-Worthy Opening Cinematics

Loooooooove watching them.

When it comes to opening cinematics, nobody does it better than Blizzard. Nobody is quite sure what it is that this company knows about consistently crafting openings that could easily be entered into any respectable short film competition in the world, but there is no denying that their opening cinematics are some of the greatest treats in all of gaming.

While you could look all day and not find a bad one in the bunch, these are the 10 Blizzard openers that will simply leave you drooling in awe.

10. Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

Though history will likely remember Diablo III as a great game, it did have its fair share of detractors upon release. Many were simply disappointed with the game’s server issues, but there were also franchise fans that felt it strayed too far from its dark roots in terms of tone.

If you were among that latter group, no doubt your fears were alleviated by this sensational Reaper of Souls opener. The epic showdown portrayed in this cinematic made it clear to Diablo players everywhere that Reaper of Souls was going to give you as much dread and despair as your dungeon raiding heart could handle. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the game itself was stellar, either.

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