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4 Questions We Still Have After Beating The Division’s Story


4 Questions We Still Have After Beating The Division’s Story

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 What’s Going on with Aaron Keener and Vitaly Tchernenko?

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Throughout The Division’s story you’ll occasionally hear mentions of Aaron Keener, one of the agents of the First Wave. Unfortunately, Keener was left in the Dark Zone by the same forces that employed him, leading him to go rogue and work against the JTF and Division Agents. However, it’s the very last part of the main story that raises a lot of questions about Keener.

You see, the ECHO that you find following your victory over the LMB has Keener routing through Amherst’s lab. As you take a look around the room, Keener will tell you that he’s “…got Tchernenko, a DNA printer, and a very interesting recipe book,” before telling you “…you should get in on this thing.” What Keener has planned is left completely open and may well be setting things up for the upcoming expansions or perhaps even a sequel, but the big question is, just how far is he willing to take this evil plan and where did he take Tchernenko?

The last we saw of Thcernenko he had been abducted from the safe room in the Russian consulate by Keener himself. With the LMB and Charles Bliss out of the way, Keener is now the main threat and therefore a pretty significant character in the future of The Division.

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