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The Division Has a Rick and Morty Reference, Time to Get Schwifty

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The Division Has a Rick and Morty Reference, Time to Get Schwifty

And that’s the waaaaaaaaay the news goes!

The Division is just full of Easter eggs. They’ve somehow kidnapped Geralt of Rivia and have Ubisoft’s actual offices in the game, which has some sweet art for For Honor. But now your elite team of operatives have gone and quoted one of the great cartoons of our time, Rick and Morty. Reddit user 4Knives found a Missing Persons flyer with the quote “wubba lubba dub dub!” underneath. The catchphrase, one of many uttered by everyone’s favorite foul mouthed scientist, can be found across the street from your Base of Operations. You’ll see many Mission Persons flyers, and this’ll be the one to keep an eye out for.

Those who believe in conspiracy theories may think that this could be an alternate Earth wherein everything went to hell because of Rick. In the third episode of season two, he had an alien locked up in the basement that contains a super infectious disease that he wanted to cure and sell the cure for a ton of cash. Given how evil Rick is, it’s more than likely he still had the disease, which caused people to go crazy, thus causing The Division to be formed. But that’d just be crazy talk…right?

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