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Is This Geralt of Rivia in The Division?


Is This Geralt of Rivia in The Division?

A change of career for Geralt?

So it turns out that PC players were having some issues in the very first Safe House in the game this morning. Rather than be put off by it and continue to crowd around the laptop that they were all so eager to interact with, they came up with one of the finest examples of coordination that the gaming world has ever seen. Well, they may have resorted to it, but what’s important here is the inclusion of a certain Witcher from Rivia casually heading the front of the line.

It turns out that you can actually make a pretty good Geralt replica for your character in The Division. How, exactly? We’re not entirely sure, as the game has quite a limited amount of character customization options. Regardless, someone has managed it.

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Question one. What’s happened to Ciri? All that time searching for her and protecting her from the Wild Hunt and Geralt just decides to become an Agent and jet off to Manhattan?


Why is he wearing all of this trendy modern day clothing? What happened to his Witcher gear? Did Geralt grow tired of a slow, mundane life in the countryside and venture to New York in the hope of a new career?

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Tell us Geralt, what really happened? Why are you in New York? Has a new evil been born and is right under human civilizations noses? Is the virus the beginning of a new Wild Hunt? What secrets are you hiding Geralt?


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