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The Division’s Story and Ending Explained


The Division’s Story and Ending Explained

The ending…for now.

The Division took players on a bit of a ride after they entered New York City to get to the bottom of a biological attack that was carried out on Black Friday. Thousands perished as a genetically modified version of Smallpox was spread using cash. As things were bought and sold on one of the year’s busiest nights, many residents in the borough of Manhattan came into contact with this deadly malaise.

After thousands of kills, tons of loot, hundreds of collectibles, and more bullets fired than we care to count, a player can reach the end of the current story. Yet, in all of the fire, explosions, and cries for help, it’s easy to miss exactly what’s going on. There are a lot of stories going on at once, but only a few are key to the bigger picture.

To make life a bit easier, we’ve broken the ending down into pertinent threads. This way you can see all of the puzzle pieces and decide what may happen next.

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