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Stardew Valley: Where to Find the Dwarf


Stardew Valley: Where to Find the Dwarf

Where to Find the Dwarf in Stardew Valley and How to Talk to Him

Stardew Valley holds many villagers you can meet and befriend during your time in Pelican Town. Players might have noticed a certain mysterious one named simply Dwarf if they’ve played enough time. Who is this enigmatic Dwarf? Where can you find him?

While you’ll get notices that it’s Dwarf’s birthday or maybe you’ve heard about him while talking to other players, you won’t be able to actually meet him that quickly. He doesn’t count for the game’s first quest that has you meeting all the villagers, so it’s normal to assume you’re all done once you’ve met those initial ones. However, if you head over to the Mines and make your first right, you’ll notice a block that’s in your way. The only way to remove this is either with a cherry bomb or a steel pickaxe or greater.

Once you do, you’ll open up the path right to meet your new pal, Dwarf. However, you won’t be able to understand him at first. You’ll need to head to the minds and pick rocks or defeat enemies to pick up four Dwarvish Scrolls. Once you donate these to Gunther in the museum, you’ll understand the language and can talk to Dwarf.

If you need any other help with Stardew Valley, check out our wiki!

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