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Stardew Valley: How to Get a Dinosaur


Stardew Valley: How to Get a Dinosaur

How to Get a Dinosaur in Stardew Valley

That’s right, you’re able to get a dinosaur in Stardew Valley. Unfortunately, put your hopes down now. They are not as epic as you are probably imagining. You can’t ride one in place of a horse. But you can have a cute dinosaur waddling around your farm and coop.

In order to get one, you’re going to first need a dinosaur egg. Not too easy to get your hands on one, unfortunately. These can be obtained through a variety of different ways like while artifact hunting, fishing, or through a dinosaur itself. Once you have one, place it in the incubator and wait for your new baby dino to come into the world. Voila, you’ll have a precious dinosaur added onto your farm!

It will be housed within the coop and every one to five days will leave you a dinosaur egg. These can either be hatched in the incubator or sold for 350g. Keep in mind that dinosaurs can be sold like any other animal for a price dependent on the amount of hearts you have with them. A dinosaur sold at the maximum amount of hearts will go for 1,278g.

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