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XCOM 2: How to Kill All Aliens and ADVENT


XCOM 2: How to Kill All Aliens and ADVENT

Sectoid in XCOM 2

xcom 2

These are the stereotypical aliens people have come to think of and History Channel has become all about. They’re lean, mean, and they have a huge cranium. Sectoids are fairly easy to kill off, but they’ll cause groans to emit from any XCOM 2 players because of their special abilities. They use an alien blaster seldomly and often just resort to these psionic powers. Once you see that purple light coming from them, they’re about to either reanimate a dead enemy into a Psi-Zombie, panic one of your soldiers, or the worst one, mind-control them.

The Psi-Zombie is slow and sluggish and needs to be up close to deal some melee damage to one of your soldiers. Panic is a bit annoying, but it’s just a couple of turns of your soldier running away and shooting at the enemy. They’ll likely miss those, and sometimes even shoot at their own squadmates, but it’s nothing compared to the last attack. Mind-Control is the worst of all as one of your soldiers becomes a killing machine for the aliens. Luckily, everything is reversed or canceled out once the Sectoid that initiated it is killed.

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