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XCOM 2: How to Beat the Operation Iron Face Mission


XCOM 2: How to Beat the Operation Iron Face Mission

Operation Iron Face – XCOM 2

XCOM 2 Council Missions are an integral part of gaining resources and personnel to man your base. With Operation Iron Face, you’re going to need to extract a VIP with your squad of soldiers. You’ll be facing a hefty amount of enemies in your route to extract them, including Sectoids, a Muton, and a Viper.

Missions are always randomized a bit, and I encountered two variations in my many reloads. The beauty of this one is that there will always be a small wave of two to three ADVENT Soldiers that you can first encounter. Your cover is blown so there won’t be any concealment, so go ahead and rush by using two movement points. After taking care of them and moving up a bit, you’ll uncover the Sectoids and Viper. Final wave includes Muton. Look, none of your objectives say to neutralize all the enemies so just get out there as soon as you can.

Your best chances with this one will be to definitely not have a full team of Rookies. It’ll be smart to use max two Rookies to level them up. I got by with two Rookies, a Corporal, and a Sergeant. Taking out the first wave is definitely smart. Getting rid of the Viper is a definite must because if they grab someone, it’s pretty much “bye-bye” to them as your team needs to make it to the extraction point.

At that point after defeating those, just run and never look back. Pick off anyone else if you can but you should be clear to make it to the Evac without the ADVENT Soldiers and Viper. Go around the edges (I took a route to the right) so that you’re as far as possible from the enemy fire. Remember to use a Soldier as a sort of shield if some aliens are in Overwatch so that your VIP doesn’t get shot up. Their health will be lower than your Squad’s, so take one or two for the team.

After making it to the Extraction point and calling for Evac (remember that you can still Evac even after using up both movement points), congratulations, you’ve got yourself a new VIP and some Intel.

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