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Far Cry Primal: How to Set Weapons on Fire With Animal Fat

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Far Cry Primal: How to Set Weapons on Fire With Animal Fat

Be a true caveman.

When you’re out and about in the world of Far Cry Primal, you’ll be in need of the trusty human discovery that is fire. In order to light up some dimly lit areas, you’re going to want to have a club burning up. Not only is it useful for seeing where there is minimal light, but it will also be useful for setting objectives and random kindle ablaze. Not to mention how great it could be to use some fire against enemies.

Sometimes you won’t have a means of lighting up your club around you, though. Often there won’t be any campfires or random sources of flame to ignite your weapon. That’s where using Animal Fat comes in.

You’re going to have to have at least one to light up your weapon each time you want to do it. Simply hit L1 or the Left Bumper to bring up your weapon wheel. From there, highlight the weapon you want to ignite and hit Square or X to set it on fire.

Congratulations, you have a deadly weapon at your disposal. Go mess up some trees and burn up some enemies. If you need help with any other aspects of this game’s cruel world, be sure to check out our expanding wiki.

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