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Far Cry Primal May Be the Most Brutally Graphic Entry Yet


Far Cry Primal May Be the Most Brutally Graphic Entry Yet

Nature is brutal.


Far Cry Primal brings players back to a time when survival was about much more than having the biggest gun. This latest entry introduces terrifying beasts, tribal warfare, and a world unhindered by man. Together, these additions make for an experience that is much more visceral than other games and may very well be the most graphic game in the Far Cry franchise.

Sure, previous entries allowed you to murder endless waves of militant foes, skin a few animals, and set things on fire. But there’s something about Far Cry Primal’s natural approach that adds that extra squeamish factor. Piercing eyes with arrows, impaling multiple enemies on a single spear, bashing in skulls, and using animals to tear out throats.

You can see hunks of flesh torn out of enemies and animals as your pet rends their flesh. Blood drips from the lips of a Cave Lion after it’s made a kill, and trails of blood are left behind as wounded animals and tribespeople flee for their lives.

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Just sitting back and letting events unfold will treat you to the vicious cycle of Far Cry Primal’s world. You’ll witness animals fight and get helplessly flung about by much larger predators. Mammoths crushing humans effortlessly will provide the crunch of bone and the guttural cry of a man who has realized it’s all over now.

The graphical nature makes its way over to the human anatomy department, as well. You’ll come across those who are brutally scarred and notice horribly disfigured corpses after an attack. The natural world of of Far Cry Primal doesn’t shy away from human anatomy, either. These are more primitive times, so wearing proper blouses or even briefs wasn’t a priority. There is enough testicular and mammary action to make quite a few individuals blush.

The developers took it to the next level by even including random sex scattered throughout the game. You can stumble across NPCs having wild, passionate sex in the middle of camps or the wild, and even interfere if you so choose.

These additions help add to the realistic world that Ubisoft Montreal endeavored to make. Bringing the violent nature of the Stone Age to the forefront and ignoring the cleanliness gamers have grown accustomed to in many triple-A games.

You can find out even more about this graphic game by checking out our growing wiki or reading our review.

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