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Everyone Stop and Look at the Best Far Cry Primal Cosplay Ever

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Everyone Stop and Look at the Best Far Cry Primal Cosplay Ever

We love #EricTheMammoth

Going into a store to pick up a copy of the latest game is a pretty exciting experience, but this cosplay is sure to have made some people’s purchase of Far Cry Primal one they’ll never forget.

You see it’s not every day  that you walk into your local game specialist store and find a mammoth just chilling waiting to greet you.

Tweeted out by the Derby store in the Intu shopping center were these of an incredible cosplay that they decided to lovingly call Eric the Mammoth. Created by staff working at the store, Eric the Mammoth has a moving trunk that they demonstrated oh so wonderfully in the video in this tweet below.

We’re not entirely sure how Eric the Mammoth could have been helpful when serving on the checkout, but we’d like to think he’d be selling tons of copies with accurate swipes of his trunk. Either that or he just stood around looking pretty and wandering around the store all day.

Heck, even Ubisoft was so impressed with the cosplay effort from the staff that its Events Specialist and Team Leader for the UK took the time to commend them on their creation and lovely new staff member.

Still, we’d like to give credit to the staff at the Derby Intu shopping center store for the incredible cosplay, and for bringing even more excitement to those heading into the store to pick up the game. We salute you shop workers… you too Eric!

Did you happen to meet Eric today? Has your local store done anything as equally as awesome in order to celebrate the release of a game? Let us know in the comments below.


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