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This Perfect Witcher 3 Ciri Cosplay Comes Complete With Roach


This Perfect Witcher 3 Ciri Cosplay Comes Complete With Roach

Ciri comes to life.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was a game that showed how deep you can make characters even in a wide open world with tons to do. The characters were so amazing in fact that fans honestly couldn’t be blamed for wanting to bring them to life. That’s where cosplay comes in, and there are times when fans go above and beyond in creating the perfect likeness of their target characters.

Posted on Reddit by user epictro11z , this stunning Ciri cosplay is just a perfect example of how much effort fans are willing to put in to bring a video game character to life. The cosplayer even went as far as creating a life-size replica of Roach, everyone’s favorite bumbling horse. If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is.

The images look as if they were pulled straight from The Witcher 3, adding to the draw dropping detail of the shoot. You almost get the sense that this really is Ciri and you probably shouldn’t mess with her, or her less than genius horse. After all, we’ve all seen her skill with a blade.

It’s amazing what fans can do when they truly find a connection with something, isn’t it?

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