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The Best 15 Final Fantasy Games, Ranked


The Best 15 Final Fantasy Games, Ranked

There will never be a FINAL Final Fantasy.

NOTE: Due to the severe differences between standard single-player JRPGs and MMORPGs in terms of gameplay, storytelling, scope, and so much more, Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV have been omitted from this ranking. This list includes all other main numbered games and their sequels. Also spoiler warnings for some very old games ahead.

15) Final Fantasy II (1988)

Credit where credit’s due – Final Fantasy II tried shaking up the RPG formula by taking away the traditional leveling up system and doing something new. The problem was that the resulting system allowed you to essentially break the game and grind to godly levels of power in the very first part of the game if you had the patience. Truth be told, as this was only the second game in the franchise, there wasn’t exactly fatigue or stigma surrounding the gain-experience-and-level-up system present in the first.

Multiple series staples were introduced here like chocobos and Cid, and following the lackluster story of the first game, it was nice to have character with names and purpose, but that’s about all the worthwhile stuff to come of it. Final Fantasy II is undoubtedly the weakest title in the series, by a fairly wide margin.

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