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Emily Wants to Play: Backstory and Secrets Explained


Emily Wants to Play: Backstory and Secrets Explained

Emily just wants to have a little bit of fun…

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Emily’s Parents

emily wants to play more creepy

Emily’s parents go through hell up until the point of their demise. After moving to the house, Emily changes. At first, her parents thought maybe she was upset because it was a new home in a new town. Kids tend to grow attached to what they’re comfortable with, so it wasn’t too out of the ordinary. But then, things took a turn for the violent and downright scary.

The mother (the only parental voice heard in the game) left recordings around, recounting her experiences with Emily and the house. She was suffering from depression so her psychiatrist suggested she make recordings of herself to cope.

After finding the dolls in the basement and giving them to Emily, she began talking to them. She started becoming violent in school and at home, and even began watching her parents as they slept. This naturally left them mortified, so the parents decided to lock her in the basement where she wouldn’t be able to harm others.

One day, the mother found Emily dead. She had no bruises, no markings at all in fact, but she was gone. Yet now, the dolls began to move about the house. The parents’ worst nightmare came true as the dolls came to claim them.

One recording makes it seem as if the parents may have actually left. The mother leaves the following message:

“Emily’s gone and the dolls keep appearing around the house. I don’t know if this is just me imagining it or if this is really happening. Either way, we have to leave this place.”

But the final recording in the game treats you to the sounds of the dolls as they utter a frightening message. They want nobody to leave… ever. And the fact that they left that recording shows that they caught on to the mother. Another clue that they never escaped is the fact that everything is packed up but it’s all still in the house. The parents had every intention of getting the hell out of there, but they never made it.

Upon beating the game, you find out that police had found the bodies of the parents the month before, but no details are given. Nothing is ever mentioned of poor Emily’s body.

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