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All 12 Resident Evil Spinoffs Ranked Worst to Best


All 12 Resident Evil Spinoffs Ranked Worst to Best

Prep those green herbs, it’s gonna get ugly

Resident Evil has been an industry giant since the PlayStation era. Over its more than two decade lifespan, this series has delivered some great games in the main titles (listed in order of worst to best here) and some great spinoffs. Of course it also spawned a few games as disgusting as its infected beasts. Here are all the Resident Evil spinoffs, ranked from worst to best.

12) Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Spray and pray

Don’t let the title fool you. Following Resident Evil 5’s sharp shift to action over horror, there was nothing fans wanted more than to be back in the dank, eerie streets of Raccoon City. What ORC did instead was forgo the horror all together and attempted to emulate Valve’s Left 4 Dead series. And poorly, at that.

This was no worthy successor to Outbreak. Ammo and weapons were everywhere, stacked in piles larger than those you’d find at a military shooting range. Which was good thing, since enemies took an obscene amount of damage. As a result, the campaign felt like a marathon drudge through linear checkpoints that felt like it would never end. Even if it only took 5-6 hours to complete.

This game’s war on the unconscious was unrelenting. It even had a cinematic reminiscent of RE2’s backseat zombie launch and truck explosion. For its nefarious tactics and blatant butchery of the series, Operation Raccoon City takes the top spot as the worst Resident Evil game ever.

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