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The 5 Coolest Non-Gaming Virtual Reality Apps


The 5 Coolest Non-Gaming Virtual Reality Apps

Games are only just the beginning of Virtual Reality’s potential.

Google Street View

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Google Street View is already a compatible app with a number of VR devices, namely Oculus Rift. The app allows users to go exploring the streets of wherever they want that has been captured and processed by Google’s imaging service. While some of the pictures can be quite grainy, as time passes and technology also improves, the quality of the experience is likely to improve too.

Of course, visiting somewhere through Google Street View and Virtual Reality is never going to be the same as actually visiting the location in real life; but for those who simply cannot travel due to a health problem or some other form of limitation, then this is a great way to allow more people to see more of the world we live in.

Hopefully, Google Street View is only the start of virtually visiting foreign places, and we’ll eventually see either the app itself or another branch out into allowing the user to take detailed guided tours of famous landmarks or tourist hot spots.

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