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10 Game Series That Can Stop Trying Now and Forever


10 Game Series That Can Stop Trying Now and Forever

These games can just stay home. Forever.

There’s no shortage of exceptional game series to get excited about, but these series certainly don’t stand among them. Whether they’ve been buried and forgotten or have yet to kick the can, these series have long overstayed their welcome and it’s about time they stopped. No, seriously. Stop. Please.

Tony Hawk

You haven't seen anything yet...

You haven’t seen anything yet…

Once hailed as the undisputed king of both street and vert, the Tony Hawk franchise eventually slipped into a deep slump, releasing more and more mediocre titles as the years went on. Tony Hawk’s pro skater 2 and 3 are still held dearly by fans as some of the best games ever, while Underground gave players the chance to live out the fantasies their predecessors had rooted in fans; rising from rags to riches and proving their skateboarding mettle to the whole world. It’s too bad these days all fans can expect from the franchise is a buggy, dysfunctional, ugly disaster of a game. Looking at you Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 8. Disgusting.

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