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10 Most Powerful Weapons of All Time


10 Most Powerful Weapons of All Time

I am become death.

Gravity Gun

Half-Life 2 was a ground-breaking first-person shooter that innovated not only shooters, but games as a whole. It’s seamless integration of narrative and gameplay forever changed environmental storytelling. Logic-based physics puzzles made sense in the world, but easily the biggest contribution to gaming as a whole is the full-spectrum of just how fuckin’ awesome the Gravity Gun is in players’s hands.

The Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator is a tractor beam-like weapon that allows players to pick-up just about anything in the environment to use as a weapon. Run out of ammo? No need to fear. Pick up a loose toilet and let it rip. But easily, the best use of the gravity gun is in Ravenhold. Zombies are scary, but with giant saw-blades laying around and the gravity gun in hand – you’re in for a good time.

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