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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Unintentionally Makes a Reference to MGSV

metal gear solid star wars

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Unintentionally Makes a Reference to MGSV

Someone call the fashion police.


So, a familiar face returns in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Everyone’s favorite British robot is back and he’s brought with him a very stylish new arm. It looks a bit familiar though, doesn’t it?


That’s because he’s completely ripped off Venom Snake.

This is just embarrassing. Totally prone to happen as designers really want to get their stuff out there and would give anyone in the limelight something to show off. Clearly, whoever made that red arm didn’t count for both of them to wear it so close to one another. Or did they?

Nonetheless, it happened and thank GOD they weren’t at the same party together. They should count their blessings there; that would really be social suicide. Let’s get to the question on everyone’s mind, though:

Who wore it better?


C3PO looks tacky AF. Right off the bat. Let’s get that out of the way. He is clearly some cheap metal melded together and doused with some golden spray paint from Wal-Mart. You are gold, C3pO. You allowed a red arm to be installed. What are you, an FSU graduate?


Meanwhile, Venom Snake rocks the shit out of his red arm. Every single outfit he wears absolutely flaunts it and he wouldn’t be an embarassment walking down the street. You know why, C3PO? Because he accessorizes. He accessorizes and he is not made of pure gold.

Needless to say, Venom Snake wowed us with his arm, while C3PO’s return to Star Wars got overshadowed by everyone going blind as soon as he waved his new arm to the camera.

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