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Star Citizen Crowdfunding Reaches $100 Million Milestone

Star Citizen

Star Citizen Crowdfunding Reaches $100 Million Milestone

How much is that in credits?

Star Citizen is a space simulator that began its crowdfunding campaign in 2012. The game is still in development, but the campaign hasn’t slowed down a bit. Star Citizen’s crowdfunding recently cleared $100 million, solidifying its place as the most successful crowdfunding campaign in history.

The last funding goal for the was met when it made made $65 million, and this milestone comes with one of the biggest updates to the game yet. Backers can now access the Alpha 2.0, which adds first-person combat and several new locations including a new planet.

The Alpha 2.0 also includes multi-crew ships, allowing large groups of players to work together on one vessel.

Star Citizen still has no release date, but the latest alpha build shows how several of the game’s systems will actually work in the game’s final version.

Have you tried the latest build of Star Citizen, or will you wait until the game is fully completed to jump in? Let us know in the comments.


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