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BioShock Developers Are Hiring for an Unannounced First Person Shooter


BioShock Developers Are Hiring for an Unannounced First Person Shooter

Irrational Games could be moving to open world games.

In 2014, BioShock developers Irrational Games downsized to a 15 person team. The studio are now hiring for two positions, looking for developers for an unannounced first person shooter.

Irrational Games has updated the Careers page on their website. They’re searching for a Gameplay Systems Designer and Tuner and QA Manager. Both positions reference Unreal Engine, with the first noting that experience with Unreal Engine 4 is preferred.

The former position mentions “experience in a semi-open (e.g. Borderlands/Shadows of Mordor) or open world game”, which could mean this game’s format will deviate from the more linear structure of Bioshock.

Finally, both positions include the line “Passion for narrative First Person Shooters a plus”. Irrational Games are well known for the BioShock series, which has a heavy emphasis on narrative.

Ken Levine mentioned that he was ready to move away from linear games in his speech at GDC 2014. Mentioning open world games like Shadows of Mordor in this job listing seems to support that. It’s likely that Irrational’s next game won’t be as linear as the BioShock series.

The next project from Irrational Games may not arrive for a while, but these postings hint that it will be very different from their previous games.


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