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Star Wars Battlefront: How to Play Leia

Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront: How to Play Leia

Yaaas, Queen, slaaaay.

Princess Leia, like Emperor Palpatine, is a support hero. That means she can easily buff allies but still be able to put the hurt down on the Empire. In many ways, she’s more versatile that the Dark Lord of the Sith. Armed with a modified E-11 Blaster, Leia can shoot down enemies from an extraordinary distance.

Just like the Emperor, you shouldn’t rush into battle with Princess Leia. She’s much better staying back and hitting the Imperials from afar. You can also call in supplies for your team with the Supply Drop ability. Leia Organa will cast out a buff that can help nearby troopers. Also, if she’s injured in battle, she can use Supply Drop to heal herself.

Additionally, a limited number of infantry can spawn in on her as Alderaan Honor Guards. These specialized troops spawn with rocket launchers and anti-infantry missiles. With these powerful weapons they can put the hurt down on vehicles and enemy heroes alike. It’s good to be royalty, right?

To provide even more support for your team, use Leia’s Enhanced Squad Shield. This bubble shield is identical to the regular one, except that it can take far more damage. With this powerful shield, your team can easily survive whatever the Empire throws at you.

While staying inside the shield, make sure to use Princess Leia’s Supply Drop ability to buff your allies. If your health is running low, you could always use Supply Drop to heal yourself, as well. Better safe than sorry.

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