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Bloodborne: The Old Hunters – How to Get the Milkweed Rune and Go Kin Mode


Bloodborne: The Old Hunters – How to Get the Milkweed Rune and Go Kin Mode

Become one with the cosmos.

So we’ve already found out that you can actually go beast mode in Bloodborne: The Old Hunters. But what lots of players haven’t figured out is that you can also become a creepy-looking kin in the game, as well. To become a Kin, first you have to obtain the Milkweed Caryll Oath Rune from Adeline. You must have discovered the Research Hall and activated the stairs in order to find Adeline and get all the Brain Fluid for her.

Adeline is the large headed woman strapped to the chair that you’ll find in the room to the right after heading up the stairs from the Research Hall lamp. She’ll ask you to bring her some Brain Fluid. The first Brain Fluid can be obtained on the rafters when you first head up to activate the stairs. You’ll find an enlarged head (not unlike the large heads of the enemies you’ve been fighting in the Research Hall) on the first rafter to your right. One hit from any weapon should kill it instantly. Examine it to get the first Brain Fluid.

After activating the stairs, simply head back down the stairs as you normally would, and you’ll find another enlarged head sitting on one of the platforms near the railings. Again, strike it with your weapon and examine it to get your second Brain Fluid.

After giving Adeline the first Brain Fluid, she’ll reward you with Blood of Adeline. At this point, you’ll have to make some time ‘pass’ before you can talk to her again and give her the second Brain Fluid. You can do this by either defeating a boss, jumping into another player’s world, or simply rebooting the game. After you give her the second Brain Fluid, you’ll have to make time pass again before you trigger the next branch of conversation.

When you head back into Adeline’s room for the last time, you’ll find that she’ll no longer be strapped to the chair. Instead, you’ll find her enlarged head sitting just behind the door you came through. Talk to her and she’ll ask for more Brain Fluid. To get the third Brain Fluid, strike Adeline herself. Her head will deflate and you’ll be able to get the third Brain Fluid from her, and she’ll regenerate again. Speak to her to give her the final Brain Fluid and she’ll reward you with the Milkweed Rune. Equip the Rune back in the Hunter’s Dream and let the magic happen.

Congratulations! You can now turn into a creepy ass Kin. Good for you!

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